Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes – 1/4/2016 – Draft

Acton Town Council Meeting Minutes – Draft – 1/4/2016

  1. Flag Salute and Roll Call – Meeting called to order at 7:35 p.m. Present at the meeting were the following ATC Board Members:  Tom Costan, Jacki Ayer, Kelly Teno, Ray Billet, Katherine Tucker.  Absent:  Christopher Croisdale and Pam Wolter
  2. Approval of minutes of 12/21/2016 to be held over until 2/1/2016 meeting.
  3. Treasurer:  Pam Wolter will take on roll of treasurer
  4. Sheriff’s Report:  Dep. Short announced that December 2015 was a busy month. There were many burglaries.  He said that the week of 12/28/15, two more businesses in Acton were burglarized again.  They were Perkin Up and Rustic Cafe.  The burglars “crashed” in through the front doors of the businesses. The burglaries occurred between the hours of 3-4 a.m. Deputy Short reminded local businesses that it’s important to empty the cash register at the end of the day and set the cash register drawer out in plan sight.  Deputy Short also announced that he is the first Deputy to be assigned a defibulator.
  5. SCE Report:  Lydia Roman is the new Account Director for TRTP (; Anna Frutos-Sanchez is the new government Affairs Representative for Acton. It was noted that a flyer was sent out from SCE on the TRTP restoration efforts.  Jacki Ayer said that SCE was supposed to have collected seed stock from the native plants for the TRTP restoration efforts.  She would like to put the topic on the February agenda and have SCE attorney, Ian Forest, attend the meeting.
  6. Library Report:  Mr. Elford announced that there will be a STEM Series starting on 1/6/2015.  He also announced that the Library will be closed on 1/18/2016.
  7. Announcements and Correspondence:  Flyer from SCE received on TRTP Project update.  See above for comments and questions about the restoration efforts.
  8. 501 c3 / 4: No update.
  9. Committee Reports:
    1. Planning, Coordination, Trails and Open Space:  Jacqueline Ayer:  No Report.
    2. High Speed Rail:  Pam Wolter:  Jacki Ayer noted that she received the Mineta Transportation Impact Report which addresses the impact of High Speed Trains on equestrian areas. The report had many flaws and is not a reliable document.  The report stated that a literature search was done, and no data was found. The report therefore concluded that there were no impacts to equestrians.  Comments from an equestrian group in England reported that there were no impacts, BUT this was from a regular train, not a High Speed Rail going 200 miles per hour which would be much louder than a regular train.  It was also noted that the Federal Rail Road Administration commented that the lack of data on the issue is a “concern”.
      1. Jacki Ayer wrote a long letter to Michelle Boehm addressing the flaws in the study and also that the paper was not peer reviewed.
      2. Jacki Ayer noted that the study needs to be redone and focus on trains which go over 200 miles per hour and attention needs to be made to the type of land uses within 1000 feet of the routes.  Jacki noted that there are horses ALL over Acton and Agua Dulce.  The HSR maps focus only on boarding operations. Lillian would like a copy of the letter.
    3. Publicity and Association of Rural Town Councils (ARTC): Ray Billet and Tom Costan: It was noted that the the calendar on the ATC website is functional.  There was no ARTC meeting in December.
    4. Finance Ways and Means: No report
    5. Bylaws and Community Standards: No report
    6. Public Works and Utilities: Work on the MetroLink station was discussed.  It was noted that the train station will only be accessible from the North side of the tracks.  Jacki will bring the plans to the next meeting.
    7. Emergency Response and Disaster Planning: Michael Hughes is the Liaison. He will have a report for the 2/1/2016 meeting.
  10. Unfinished Business: Two vacant seats will be filled at the 2/1/2016 meeting.
  11. New Business:  None
  12. Open Forum: No report

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

The next scheduled meeting will be held on February 1, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. at the Acton Agua Dulce Library located at 33792 Crown Valley Road, Acton, CA 93510.

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