July 20, 2015 Minutes – Approved

July 20, 2015 – Acton Town Council Draft Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:35 p.m. at the Acton Agua Dulce Library

1.  Present at the Meeting: Chris Croisdale, Michael Hughes, Ray Billet, Jacki Ayer, Pam Wolter, Thor Merich, Kelly Teno, and Katherine Tucker. Absent:  Tom Costan

2.  Minutes of 7/6/2015 posted on Acton Town Council website. No corrections noted.

3.  Treasurer’s Report:  $1806.28 reported in ATC account

4.  Sheriff’s Report:  No Report

5.  SCE Report:  No Report

6.  Library Report:  Librarian John Elford announced that the library is looking for volunteers – adults to work with teenagers at the library. He said that there will be a winter reading program and a question was asked about whether or not there was going to be more weekend programs for children.

7.  Announcement and Correspondence: Mike received an invitation to an open house for Tom Lackey and Sharon Runner.  It was noted that the ATC Meeting Agenda needs to be posted 24 hours before the meeting.

8.  ATC 501 c4 update:  ATC Bylaws were approved and will be forwarded to Attorney Randall Fink. Mr. Fink will be filing the 501c4 non-profit for the ATC.

9.  Norm Hickling, Senior Deputy, LA County Board of Supervisors.  Not Present

10.  Proposed Taco Bell Application  for store at northeast corner of Crown Valley and Sierra Highway and Draft ATC Letter to Dept. of Regional Planning.  Jacki Ayer read the Draft ATC Letter to the Dept. of Regional Planning. It was decided that there will be an attachment to the letter with a chronology of the Taco Bell project from July 2014.  A signature page was signed by the ATC members present.

It was discussed that another letter will be written to the Board of Supervisors regarding the lack of Acton Town Council inclusion in projects proposed for the Acton Community Standards District.

11. Taco Bell Project – Community Comments:  Lillian Smith noted that Regional Planning needs to be educated that ALL of Acton is rural including the areas at intersections along the Antelope Valley Freeway.  Regional Planning needs to refer to the Antelope Valley General Plan and to follow it.  It was suggested that a meeting be set up by Norm Hickling with Regional Planners to go over zoning and permitting. The tone of the meeting will be a non-aggressive meeting. ATC members will be present to “learn about the permitting process”.  P. Wolter will make the call to N. Hickling.

12. San Gabriel National Monument Implementation Plan: Jacki Ayer has been attending the San Gabriel National Monument Community Collaboration as a representative of the Association of Rural Town Councils.  It was mentioned that if the High Speed Rail goes through the National Forest, the the special interest area must be protected.  The scoping comments are due 8/11/2015. J. Ayer will send the final letter out to the ATC for approval.  Anyone with water rights, easements, or mining interests located within  the Monument need to make their comments too.

13.San Gabriel National Monument Implementation Plan: Community Comments.  None

14. Animal Facility Draft Ordinance: Jacki Ayer read the ATC draft letter. It will be further discussed at the 8/3/2015 meeting.  It was also noted that Regional Planning came back to the Agua Dulce Town Council meeting. They said that Dept. of Animal Control has agreed to review the process for animal noise complaints.

15.  Animal Facility Draft Ordinance:  Community Discussion.  None

16.  Committee Reports:

  • Planning coordination, Trails and Open Space – J. Ayer: No Report
  • High Speed Rail – Pam Wolter: Pam noted that there was an article in the AV Press regarding High Speed Rail.  Lancaster Mayor Rex Perris challenged the HSR project design.  He said that it’s going to affect the high school which is named after him.  Sharron Runner introduced SB 1X6 which if passed, will stop Cap and Trade money used for High Speed Rail Project. There was a radio spot on “The Marketplace” with radio host, Jeff Tyler.  He interviewed Tippi Hedren, Pam Wolter, and Ray and Elizabeth Billet.  The Hanford group is working on efforts to stop the use of Cap and Trade money for the HSR project. Ray Billet received a letter from HSR, not signed.  The letter thanked him for his cooperation and help in explaining the rail options in his area of Acton. It was also noted that Michael Cano, Transportation Deputy for Supv. Antonovich, needs to be contacted to help invite HSR engineers back to Acton.
  • Publicity and Association of Rural Town Councils – Tom Costan and Ray Billet:  The ARTC (Susan Zahtner) drafted a letter on the proposed Animal Facility Permit for the ARTC.  Jacki Ayer will send it out to the Acton Town Council tonight for members to review.
  • Finance Ways and Means:  Sandy Madsen has a good idea for a ATC fundraiser at Blum Ranch.  It will be a deep pit BBQ.  Proposed for October.
  • Public Works:  Chris Croisdale noted that there was an illegal film shoot on Soledad Cyn. Soledad Cyn was closed without public notice.  Chris will write a letter to LA County Dept. of Public Works. Film LA is the not-for-profit group which is contracted with the State to issue permits for the location filming.
  • By-Laws and Community Standards – Michael Hughes: The proposed changes to the ATC by-laws were discussed.  J. Ayer made an objection to Section 3 which would be changed to required that a ATC member would have to be present to vote on an issue.  ATC members need to send comments in by the 8/3/2015 meeting. There will be a vote at that time. The Standards of Decorum were presented.
  • Emergency Response and Disaster Planning – M. Hughes: M. Hughes reviewed a letter from the Agua Dulce Town Council regarding the Resiliency Committee. They proposed that there needs to be a Board of Directors consisting of 2 ATC members, 2 Agua Dulce Town Council members, and 2 additional members from the community which have been appointed by the ATC and AD directors.  M. Hughes will draft a letter and send it out.
  • Beautification and Illegal Dumping – K. Tucker:  Need to check on the correct telephone number to call to report illegal dumping.  888-253-2652?  C. Croisdale noted that there were two spots along Soledad which had items that needed to be picked up:  the locations were 1 mile south of Crown Valley on Soledad and three miles south of Crown Valley.
  • Unfinished Business:  None
  • New Business: P. Wolter noted that negative comments about the Acton Town Council were being posted on CentralActon.nextdoor.com  Pam sent them a message inviting them to come to the Acton Town Council meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:15 p.m.

Next Scheduled Meeting is on 8/3/2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the Acton Agua Dulce Library.

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