August, 03 2015 Minutes – Approved

Acton Town Council Draft Meeting Minutes – 8/3/2015

Meeting called to order at 7:40 p.m.

1. Present at the meeting:  Chris Croisdale, Tom Costan, Jacki Ayer, Ray Billet, Pam Wolter, Michael Hughes, Kelly Teno, Thor Merich, and Katherine Tucker

2.  Minutes of 7/20/2015  posted on the Acton Town Council website.  One correction noted and correction made.

3.  Treasurer’s Report:  $1806.286

4.Sheriff’s Report:  Deputy Short – 661-272-2571 – Deputy Short reported that in June there were seven reportable incidents which included 3 petty thefts, 1 burglary, and a vehicle burglary.  Deputy Short reported that Pauline East is the head of Antelope Valley Film office. They report directly to Film LA. Deputy Short said that there is no ordinance which requires that there be a 30-day notice for road closures due to filming.  Mr. Chris Croisdale said that he would like to discuss this with Film LA, Pauline East, and Public Works, and Deputy Short.  He would like clarification.  Deputy Short also said that the “shooter” at 1000 Trails was arrested and was charged with 21 felonies. The shooter was living in the river area near 1000 Trails.

5.  SCE Report:  No Report

6. Library Report: It was reported that there are 75 children in the Summer Reading Program and that there will be children friendly events planned for the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.

7.  Announcements and Correspondence:  a)  Resident called the ATC regarding off road vehicles riding on the fire road near his home.  ATC will post the phone and e-mail address of Sargent Acton, Off Road Vehicle Task Force lead.  661-713-1699 and  b)  Proposed Taco Bell project at Crown Valley and Sierra Highway.  More information received from the developer.  Taco Bell will be back at the ATC on 8/17/2015.  c ) Catholic Church development – they will present their modified plans at the second ATC meeting in September – 9/21/2015.  d)  Correspondence received from the office of Senator Sharon Runner in support of the Acton Community.  Senator Runner basically said that she is against the project, but if it does go through Acton that it needs to be underground. e)  Communication letter from Santa Clarita Mayor Marsha McClean – the High Speed Rail project needs to be totally underground in any community it is routed through. f)  Agua Dulce Town Council President Don Henry responded to the Acton Town Council Resiliency letter. Mr. Henry spoke on behalf of the Agua Dulce Town Council – “they are looking forward to working with the Acton Town Council on the Resiliency project.”

8.  ATC 501 c 4 Update:  Once the ATC bylaws are approved, Mr. Randall Fink will add additional elements to the 501 c 43 pkg.  The Acton Print Shop will be used as the physical address.


9.  Christine Borzaga – County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors – Field Deputy for Supervisor Antonvich.  Mr. Borzaga was not able to attend the ATC meeting.

10.  William Blount – District Ranger, USFS.  Mr. Blount explained the role of the Acton office of the USFS and related that here is a new Forest Supervisor – Mr. Jeffry Vail.  Mr. Blount explained that the San Gabriel National Monument will have two operational units which will be managed by the Monument Manager. The  Monument Manager will report to the Forest Supervisor. The Monument Manager will be based in Glendora. The Acton USFS office will be a work center in Mr. Blount’s District. Regarding High Speed Rail (HSR), Mr. Blount reported that the HSR is not a forest project and that no proposed project has been delivered to the Forest Service.  He said that underground options would impact ground water.  He said that the Forest Service has no opinion yet on the project.  He said that once the project is presented to them that they will solicit public input. He said that the Forest Service cannot give easements underground, but they can give Special Use Permits. Ms. Wolter commented that HSR has been in talks with the Forest Service. She said that HSR has asked the Forest Service to do surveying and permission to conduct boring operations for soil sampling. Mr. Blount said that the HSR asked for permission to conduct some “boots on the ground” surveys, but that there have been no borings made yet. Jacki Ayer said that she is concerned that the HSR is not being forthcoming with the USFS.  She said that NEPA scoping for HSR ended in September of 2014.  Mr. Blount said that the USFS will have to go through its own scoping process. Mr. Blount was asked who the ATC should speak to at the USFS regarding HSR.  Mr. Blount said that he will speak with the Forest Supervisor and come back to the ATC in two months.  Mr. Blount was asked if the Angeles National Forest sign was going to be put back on Aliso Canyon.  Mr. Blount said that yes, that a sign will be put up as the National Monument sign.

12. 1000 Trails CUP:  Chris Croisdale and Jacki Ayer looked at the existing 1000 Trails CUP at LA County Regional Planning.  It was noted that this weekend there was very loud broadcasting coming from 1000 Trails. The current CUP does not allow physical address systems or live entertainment outdoors. ATC will prepare notes on the current CUP and going-forward CUP.

13.  Changes in the Traffic Study Process- J. Ayer: Los Angeles County Public Works changed the method of calculating traffic studies.  Jacki Ayer sent an e-mail to Assemblyman Tom Lackey and his representative George Andrew.  Comments on the new Trafiic Study Methodology were due in November 2014.  Jacki Ayer will also reach out to Senator Sharon Runner.  The new methodology does not address rural communities. Jacki Ayer will set up a meeting with LA County Public Works, Andrew Ngumba, from the Traffic and Lighting Division.

14. Committee Reports:

  • Planning Coordination, Trails and Open Space – Jacqueline Ayer: ATC Animal Facility Ordinance letter. Ms. Ayer sent out the letter on 7/20/15.  Jacki will re-forward to the ATC. Jacki will also send out the Animal Facility Ordinance letter from ARTC – Susan Zahtner to the ATC for reference.
  • High Speed Rail – Pam Wolter: Ms. Wolter announced that there will be a community meeting on 8/10/2015. There will be a speaker talking about the health effects from living near a High Speed Rail. There is no update on the Tos/Fukuda Lawsuit against HSR.
  • Publicity and Association of Rural Town Council – Tom Costan and Ray Billet: The ATC now has 60 members.  Tom Costan will post the Taco Bell submittals.
  • Finance Ways and Means – Thor Merich:  The BBQ fundraiser was mentioned.
  • By-Laws, Community Standards and Decorum- Michael Hughes: Michael Hughes will send the draft By-Laws  to Tom Costan so they can be posted on the ATC website. The existing and proposed by-laws will be presented. Each change will be voted upon. J. Ayer wants to see justification for not allowing absentee voting by ATC members. Attendance at the ATC meetings needs to be defined. Is it physical attendance or electronic? Will there have to be a minimum amount of ATC members present to allow absentee voting?  These are some of the issues.
  • Emergency Response and Disaster Planning- Michael Hughes: The letter from the Agua Dulce Town Council was noted.  M. Hughes will attend the Agua Dulce Town Council meeting in August. It was discussed that the Resiliency committee will consist of two members from the Acton Town Council, two members from the Agua Dulce Town Council and two more members chosen by both groups. The Resiliency Committee 501 c 3 will be a separate entity.
  • Beautification, Illegal Dumping and Perspective – K. Tucker: ATC received notification that there will be a free Dump Day on 10/3/2015. M. Hughes will send the notification to Lillian Smith. An idea was brought up to have a “highway clean up day” in Acton.  K. Tucker to call Benz and Waste Management to see if they would be willing to set up a roll off for the event.  ATC might use it as a fundraiser.

15.  Unfinished Business:  None

16.  New Business:  ATC Election Chairmen needs to be appointed from the ATC members who are not up for re-election. That would be Jacki Ayer, Chris Croisdale, Tom Costan, and Pam Wolter.  Mike Hughes will bring in the election procedures.  Tom Costan volunteered to be Election Committee Chairman. Jacki made a motion to Appoint Tom Costan Election Chairman.  The motion was approved unanimously by the ATC. It was noted that the election date is November 4th.

17.  Open Forum: Animal Facility Ordinance:  Kathleen Trinity supports a animal facility density of one per square mile.

18. Adjournment:  Approx. 10:00 p.m.

Next schedule Acton Town Council Meeting will be held on 8/17/2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the Acton Agua Dulce Library.

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