May 18, 2015 Minutes – Approved

Meeting Called to Order at 7:35 p.m. at the Acton Agua Dulce Library

1.  Present at the Meeting:  Chris Croisdale, Michael Hughes, Pam Wolter, Tom Costan, Ray Billet, Jacqueline Ayer, and Katherine Tucker.  Absent:  Thor Merich

2.  Minutes of the last meeting are posted on the Acton Town Council website.  They are in draft form. They need to be approved at the meetings after all of the members approve them.

3.  Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Thor Merich is still out of the state, but Michael Hughes will report in his place and hold the ATC check book.

4. Sheriff Report:  Deputy Short 661-272-2571: Dep. Short was not available this evening. A resident left a message regarding sheriff department response time.

5. SCE Report:  SCE Liaison Patricia Bartoli-Wible announced a SCE Community Forum on 5/21/2015 regarding grants for non-profit groups. Ms. Bartoli-Wible reported on the hydroseeding in the areas they disturbed during the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP).  She said that restoration planting would occur in the fall.  She said that each juniper that was removed would be placed.  It is not certain whether or not an inventory was conducted of the junipers. Ms. Bartoli-wible said that there were photos of the properties.  Ms. Bartoli-Wible said that the deteriorated pole program is on-going for the distribution poles carrying 12, 14, and 16 kV lines.

6.  Library Report:  No Report

7.  Presentation/Speakers:  Alan Laslovich  – needs a letter from Acton Town Council.  The hearing on his property is on 5/20/2015.  The letter needs to say that the ATC objects to the Juniper Mitigation Policy for permitted or accessory uses on A1 or A2 zoned parcels.  The ATC approved of Mr. Laslovich’s project on 5/4/2015.  It was noted that the Juniper Mitigation Policy is not an adopted ordinance or a statute adopted by the LA County Board of Supervisors.  Michael Hughes made a motion to submit a letter from the ATC to Regional Planning with the objections raised above and Jacqueline Ayer seconded the motion.  It was passed unanimously.  The letter will be sent to Mr. Laslovich, a copy to LA. County Regional Planning Planner, Linda Hitachi, and County Journal, Lillian Smith.

8.  Announcements and Correspondence:

  • e-mail received from Agua Dulce residents. They commented on the Spooner’s website. They said that the Spooners are making home deliveries of marijuana. They should be referred to the Sheriff Dept.
  • Phone call received from a Landscape architect. He wanted the identification of the trees located in front of the Arco Station.  He is the landscape designer for Primo Burger.  He was asked if he saw a drive through on the plans.  He said that he did not.  M. Hughes said that he has the LA County Regional Planning “Planner” information at home and will provide it.  The file needs to be revisited.
  • St. Mary’s Church on Crown Valley:  plans received for review for 5-7 homes and a church on 40 acres.  This will be discussed at the 6/1/2015 meeting.

9.  501 c (3) c (4):  M. Hughes needs feedback on the ATC by-law review before providing them to Attorney Randall Fink.  It was noted that the Acton Town Council has no physical address to use for establishment of 501 c 4.  The Acton Print Shop could be used as an address.

10. Committee Reports:

  • Planning, Coordination, Trails and Open Space, Recreation Committee – Jacqueline Ayer.
    • Proposed Animal Facility Ordinance.  The Acton Town Council is very concerned that the proposed Animal Animal Facility Ordinance does not have sufficient controls for noise and density on the number of facilities per area. Also the ATC is vern concerned that no CUP is required which would result in no community input.  The ATC feels that establishment of Animal Facilities is best with input from neighboring properties.  The ATC is also concerned with the number of dogs per acre in the proposed ordinance.  The ATC would like to propose a density of one animal facility per two mile radius. The ATC is very concerned that there was not enough time for public input. The hearing on this ordinance is 5/27/2015.  Jacqueline Ayer made a motion to write a letter from the ATC on the objections mentioned above. Tom Costan seconded the motion.  Jacqueline Ayer will write up an e-mail letter on behalf of the ATC.
    • Information received on a new recreational vehicle park on 9777 Soledad Canyon Road – Oasis Campground – Owners – Kerry Lee Moisen and Manny Fernandez.  Jacki Ayer will call Gretchen Seemis – Planner.
  • High Speed Rail – Pam Wolter.  a new route has been proposed on the west side of the Vincent Substation.  The next community meeting is 6/6/2015 at High Desert School at 9:30 a.m.  6/8/2015 – Coalition meeting at the Acton Agua Dulce Library at 6:00 p.m. The Acton Town Council position letter on HSR:  Comments have been received by Chris Croisdale, Pam Wolter, and Tom Costan.  The latest letter from the ATC is commenting  on the fact that during the 5/12/2015 tour of Acton by Dan Richards, Michele  Boehm, and Juan Carlos, Michele Boehm said that the HSRA viewed under-grounding of the HSR train option in Acton was a “mitigation measure”.  If noise inputs are significant, then the HSR will offer under-grounding as a mitigation measure.  The huge question is why is Acton only being offered under-grounding of the train as a “mitigation measure” and not as an alternative.  The latest ATC letter will address under-grounding the train in Acton as an ALTERNATIVE and not a mitigation measure.  Jacqueline Ayer moved to amend the ATC letter to HSR and add the element regarding under-grounding the train as an alternative and not a mitigation measure.  Michael Hughes seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  The letter will be done within two days.
  • Publicity and Association of Rural Town Councils Committee: co-chaired by Tom Costan and Ray Billet: Tom Costan noted that the ATC web page has 42 members.  He is forwarding the ATC e-mails to ATC personal e-mails. This is working out very well.  The ARTC will meet the end of the month.
  • Finance Ways and Means:  No Report
  • By-Laws Committee: Michael Hughes:  M. Hughes is waiting for ATC members to review. He will post the by-laws on the website.
  • Public Works: Chris Croisdale – Chris noted that Public Works closed a road illegally. All road closures require a 30-day notice.  It was asked how the law is enforced after hours. Also noted that on Soledad Canyon near the bridge before the mine there are three guard rails which have been destroyed. They have not been replaced for months. Chris will contact LA County Public Works on this issue. He also encouraged the public to report to him other areas where the guardrails are lacking or damaged.
  • Community Standards and Decorum: Michael Hughes. The next Community Standards review meeting will be on 5/27/2015. The meeting notice will be posted in the Country Journal
  • Beautification, Illegal Dumping, and Perspective Committee: K. Tucker.  No Report
  • Emergency Response and Disaster Planning: M. Hughes. No Report


  • Community Center Liaison – Michael Hughes – No Report
  • Chamber of Commerce Liaison – Pam Wolter – No Report
  • School Board Liaison – Lillian Smith – the District is continuing with a tour of the new school. Area realtors were included in the tour. There is some catch up work being done.
  • Friends of Acton Park – a link to their web page will be placed on the ATC web page.
  • The Woman’s Club – The yearly scholarship luncheon will be held on 5/20/2015.  Five scholarships of $1200 each will be awarded.
  • The Boy Scouts of America:  Liaison Tom Costan.  Tristan Hull received Eagle Scout badge.
  • 1000 Trails – Kathy Fiore reported that 1000 Trails is now offering Family Yearly memberships to residents.

11. Unfinished Business: No Report

12.  New Business: No Report

13.  Open Forum:  A resident asked if there was the possibility that the train could be stopped?

14.  Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

The next scheduled Acton Town Council meeting will be held on 6/1/2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the Acton Agua Dulce Library



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