July, 01-2015 Minutes – Approved

Executive Session Called from 7:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Meeting called to Order at 7:38 p.m.at the Acton Agua Dulce Library. Chris noted that he would like all ATC correspondence to be addressed to his ccroisdale@atc.org e-mail address instead of his personal e-mail address.

1.  Present at the Meeting:  Chris Croisdale, Michael Hughes, Pam Wolter, Tom Costan, Ray Billet, Jacqueline Ayer, and Katherine Tucker.

2.  Minutes of 5/18/2015.  Not posted on ATC website. There were no corrections  to the Minutes of April 2015.  Tom Costan to change their status to “Final”.

3.  Vacant ATC Position.  M. Hughes made a motion to appoint Kelly Teno to fill the vacant ATC position.  J. Ayer seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous in favor of Kelly Teno stepping up to fill the position.

4. Treasurer’s Report:  No change from 5/18/2015 – $1806.26

5. Sheriff Report – Deputy Short 661-272-2571 – Deputy Short reported that there have been 10 burglaries in Acton since January and 10 in Agua Dulce.  There were nine incidents for Acton in the month of May which included 4 grand thefts, and 1 petty theft.

6.  SCE Report – Patricia Bartoli-Wible:

7.  Library Report:  New Library Manager introduced by Librarian Valery Bailey:  New Library Manager is Mr. John Elford.  Mr. Elford holds a B.A in History, M.S. in Anthropology, and M.S. in Library Information Science.  He has worked in the archeological field and volunteered at the Autry Museum.  Mr. Elford was welcomed to the Community by the Acton Town Council.

8. Presentations: Rite Aid Developers Matt Stow, Ed Horovitz and Rite Aid Representative – Not Present.  Instead, Norm Hickling, Senior Field Deputy for Supv. Antonovich spoke about the Antelope Valley Area Wide Plan vote in front of the Board of Supervisors.  The vote on the plan is going to be continued for two weeks to clarify the exemption of the Single family residence from certain requirements in SEA’s. Norm Hickling and Adel Vizcarra worked on this communication with Supv. Antonovich. Secondly, Mr. Hickling mentioned that water usage rates in District 37 may be going up if they exceed targets. Ms. Ayer asked Mr. Hickling what will be done with excess money collected from excess water usage fees. Mike Hughes questioned the accuracy of the Acton boundary map.  Mr. Hickling said that he would meet with M. Hughes on this issue.

9.  Announcements and Correspondence:  The ATC received an e-mail which reported CSD violations of fence design.  J. Ayer forwarded this e-mail to Regional Planning zoning enforcement, Dan Geringer.  It was noted that this particular residence was known to the District Attorney. Another e-mail received which asked whether or not the Acton Town Council received any money from the filming which occurs in Acton.  The answer was a definite, “No”.  Elizabeth Billet said that indirectly the town benefits because the film crews buy locally when they are in town.

10.  501 c3 / c4:  M.Hughes is in the process of incorporating input on by-law revision comments by ATC.  Liability Insurance:  we will wait for incorporation of the ATC.

11.  Committee Reports:

  • Planning, Coordination, Trails and Open Space, Recreation Committee: J. Ayer – Oasis Campground:  This property is not in Acton; it is in Agua Dulce. There are grading issues on the property.  Catholic Church:  the property land use is 2-acre minimum for a subdivision. It was noted that some of the proposed parcels are less than 2 acres.  This will have to be addressed. J. Ayer noted that she has not seen any submittals for Rite Aid, Dollar General.  She does not know of any changes to the Country Feed project since August of 2014.
  • High Speed Rail:  Pam Wolter. High Speed Rail will hold a community meeting in Acton at the High Desert School on 6/6/2015 at 9:30 a.m.  They will make a presentation to the group at 10:30 a.m. The Acton Agua Dulce Against High Speed Rail Coalition has a website:  www.actonagainsthighspeeedrail.com.  They will have a meeting on 6/8/2015.  Members from Hanford group will be there to discuss the eminant domain process and updates from their area.California High Speed Rail Board Meeting in Los Angeles on 6/9/2015:  Supv. Antonovich is providing a bus for Acton residents to attend this meeting. The bus will take off from the Unocal Station in Acton at 7:00 a.m.  To ride the bus, call Pam Wolter at  661-406-6916. The residents are encouraged to attend and to speak.  J. Ayer will make up bullet points to speak from. It was noted that Mr. Rick Cook attended the meeting. He is the representative for Sharon Runner.  J. Ayer asked him when will HSR start using Prop. 1A funds?  She said that California Environmental Quality Acton compliance is inherent to using Prop. 1A funds. J. Ayer would like Mr. Cook to look into this.  J. Ayer reminded the ATC members that they need to get the latest position letter on High Speed Rail out.  All of the Acton Town Council members promised to review and respond to the latest letter by 6/2/2015 at 5:00 p.m. The letter will be sent to HSR Dan Richards by 10:00 a.m. 6/3/2015. The latest issue is that HSR considers under-grounding the rail in Acton as a “mitigation” measure and not an Alternative as in other communities.
  •  Publicity and Association of Rural Town Councils: co-chairs Tom Costan and Ray Billet: Proposed Animal Facility Ordinance – The ARTC is going to prepare a letter and send to all of the rural town councils. The ARTC would like to reduce the number of allowed dogs in the Proposed Animal Facility Ordinance. They also discussed the solid and liquid waste issues from holding dogs in at the proposed densities. The County will be at the next ARTC meeting.  Mr. Bruce Durbin will represent the County to discuss the proposed ordinance. Renewable Energy Ordinance:  The ARTC has formally asked for a meeting with Supv. Antonovich to discuss the allowable area covered by solar panels on a residential property.
  • Finance Ways and Means: No change. $1806.26
  •  By-laws Committee: M. Hughes will be collecting all changes to the by-laws one week from 6/8/2015.  The changes will go into effect.
  •  Public Works and Utilities Committee: C. Croisdale – All filming street closures require a 30-day notice.  C. Croisdale is setting up a meeting with Public Works on this issue.
  •  Community Standards and Decorum: M. Hughes – meeting was held on5/22/2015.  Only a few people attended, but it was productive.  M. Hughes will break up the standards into sections and invite comments.  The next meeting will be on 6/29/2015 at the Library from 7-9 p.m.
  •  Beautification, Illegal Dumping, and Perspective Committee: K. Tucker – It was noted that there was a TV on Soledad 1/2 mile south of Crown Valley. There was a car fire on Soledad  near Shambala on the east side.  The County will pick up trash if it is within 10 feet of the road. Hot line number: XXXXx
  •  Emergency Response and Disaster Planning: Michael Hughes – No report
  • Thousand Trails: Cathy Fiore, Manager – Ms. Fiore thanked the community for their support. She said that Memorial Day was busy at 1000 Trails.  She also said that Regional Planning is pushing for an earlier CUP hearing date. Trying for 2015.  The trailer scrapping project is going well. June 15th is the deadline for getting rid of all of the old trailers. 1000 Trails has  has a new Recreation Director and they are holding a Family Dance night on the third Saturday of the month.  It has been very successful.


  • Community Center – M. Hughes
  • Chamber of Commerce – Pam Wolter
  • School Board – Lillian Smith
  • The Woman’s Club – Pam Wolter
  • The Boy Scouts of Americal – Tom Costan

12. Unfinished Business: National Monument. J. Ayer is attending public meetings on the National Monument in our area.  Since most of the monument is located on the North slope of the San Gabriel mountains, J. Ayer is trying to get some of the the public meetings  held on the North side of the San Gabriel mountains. Most of the meetings are on the south side near the populated areas.  Time is of the essence for reviewing the documents.

13. New Business: None

Open Forum:  Cari McClaine noted that between 4-5:30 p.m. on Soledad Canyon road it is very busy. They need CHP support. Many speeding cars.  The residents can call CHP.  Number XXX

Meeting adjourned approximately 10:00 p.m.

Next meeting scheduled for 6/15/2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the Acton Agua Dulce Library


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