Animal Facility Draft Ordinance


The Draft Ordinance establishes the following limits for an “Animal Facility” use permitted on all A-2 lands:
50 dogs on a 1 acre parcel.
100 dogs on a 2.5 acre parcel.
For parcels less than 1 acre in size, 20 dogs will be permitted on A-2 lands.
No conditional use permit is required for any Animal Facility that meet these limits.
These limits were established based on input from the Departments of Public Work, Animal Control, and Public Health as well as CARPOC (The California Responsible Pet Owners Coalition).  It does not appear that extensive public input was sought before the draft ordinance was prepared.
The Draft Ordinance will be considered for adoption by the Regional Planning Commission on May 27;  more information can be found here:
The Acton Town Council will be discussing this ordinance at the meeting scheduled for June 15th, and is seeking information from residents regarding potential impacts of these Animal Facilities.  If you have such information, or  have comments or concerns regarding this matter, please attend the meeting.  Alternatively, you can send written comments via email to or via the Postal Service to P.O. Box 810, Acton, CA  93510.  If you send your comments electronically, please write “animal facility ordinance” in the subject line.


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  1. The proposed animal facility ordinance will be a disaster for so many of us. We will suffer: noise, odor, flies at the minimum. The proposed ordinance is unacceptable without requiring a conditional use permit upon which neighbors can voice an opinion. I know you won’t like this, but: With the current routes for the HSR, all of which are underground except for short stretches, an ordinance like this animal ordinance and the constant pressures for excessive truck-stop like freeway development is now actually a greater and more existential threat to most of Acton. Please fight it with as much energy as you are continuing to put in on the rail project.

    • We need to get organized and show up in person for the September 30 Hearing in either LA or Lancaster. The ATC will not meet again until September 21. This is not enough time for us to organize a crowd of speakers. The kennel/facility advocates will show up, so we need to express the will of the community. Please contact ATC members to let them know of your desire to attend the hearing and speak.

  2. I hope this hasnt passed???? Please think of the animals as well…..You have several large rescue facilities in acton, dogs barking all day, lots of traffic for adoption days and fundraisers and over crowding in runs. Dogs not receiving proper Vet care in a timely fashion. In stead of x amount of dogs per acre, do x amount in each kennel run…..Each rescue with a kennel over fill their kennel runs. Each rescue property are completely fenced in and AC can not do surprise inspection and Rescue heads tell them they must make an appointment, This gives a heads up when things are not up to a grade A as they should be on a daily basis. Places that are over the limit, or have dogs that have not seen a vet they make a plea within the org and on there private social media pages to find temporary foster homes, until inspection is over….. These rescue facilities need to follow the rules and laws for the protection of the animals……100 dogs on 2.5 acres is way too much…….Do a surprise visit to each rescue property, have someone who no one knows by face volunteer at each place quietly. Arrive before anyone goes to teh kennel, so someone can go up with whoever is opening up to start the day of feeding and cleaning….Be a voice for these voiceless animals….

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