Proposed Dollar General Store in Acton – Presentation April 6th

The ATC has been contacted by Joshua Simon regarding  developing a general store at the corner of Crown Valley Rd. & Smith Ave.  Mr. Simon will be making a presentation at the  April 6th ATC meeting.

Mr. Simon has provided the ATC the following information.

Summary of Request:
We are requesting preliminary review and comment to a proposed general store in Acton, CA.

Regional Planner’s Name: Not yet assigned

Parcel Number: 3208026001, 3208026002, 3208026008, 3208026009, 3208026010

Additional Information:
Hello, we are in the very early stages of this plan so we have not yet put together a Sign plan, Landscape plan, Lighting plan, or any formal applications. We are looking for preliminary comments on our proposed site plan. We will have color elevations in time for the meeting as well.

Download (PDF, 3.61MB)

Download (PDF, 200KB)

Download (PDF, 799KB)


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  1. Absolutely no to the dollar store. No to Rite Aid also.

  2. Not sure if my previous comment went through.
    Absolutely no to the dollar store. We already have one. No to Rite Aid also. We already have 2 pharmacies and I do not think they are doing all that well. We already have enough liquor stores in the area.

  3. I do not believe it would serve the community to have a huge, chain “dollar store”. Rather, we could use some additional food establishments, restaurants, etc.

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