February 2, 2015 Minutes – Approved

  1. CALL TO ORDER AND FLAG SALUTE; 7:35 p.m. meeting called to order.
  2. ROLL CALL: Present – Chris Croisdale, Tom Costan, Michael Hughes, Ray Billet, Pam Wolter, Jacqueline Ayer, Thor Merich, and Katherine Tucker. Absent: None
  3. MINUTES of last meeting: Minutes of 1/19/2015 meeting read, corrected and approved.
  4. TREASURER’S REPORT: Balance unchanged – $1842.47
  5. CERT – Cal/Oglesby – CERT classes to be held 2/21/2015, 2/28/2015, and 3/7/2015– three Saturdays at the Acton Community Center. Mr. Olgsby announced that 40 people have signed up for the upcoming CERT Class. Still in the works is the SCE CERT grant.
    • M. Hughes received a letter of interest from Joshua Simon, CRE regarding a possible commercial development in Acton.  Joshua@simoncre.com (480) 745-1956
    • Two letters received regarding the potential medical marijuana dispensary in Acton.
      • One letter was from Teresa and Kelly Spencer – opposing medical marijuana dispensary in Acton
      • Second letter from Patty Acad – also opposing medical marijuana dispensaries in Acton
      • Comment from Timo Illig – 34354 Brindille Road, Acton
      • Kalyn Spooner – after the 1/19/2015 ATC meeting, she followed up with an e-mail to ATC President, Chris Croisdale regarding her interest to develop the medical marijuana dispensary on 4519 Sierra Highway.  She would like to have an open forum regarding the project on 2/18/15, 2/23/15, or 2/25/15.
      • Also discussed was to have a survey posted in the Country Journal and the Acton Agua Dulce News asking residents if they are in favor of a medical marijuana dispensary at 4519 Sierra Highway.
    • Ms. Kim Best proposed to form an Acton Preservation Society and  provided information that she was researching on Acton community history. It was suggested that she coordinate with the existing Acton History group which meets at the library on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and is headed up by Bob Beuchner.  Also, it was noted that the Acton Women’s Club has historical DVD’s showing Acton heritage.  It was suggested that an Acton Historical Hiking Map be posted on the Acton Town Council website.
  7. SHERIFF REPORT: Deputy: Scott Short (661-272-2571); sshort@lasd.org
    • It was reported that there were 11 cases of reports for the month of January.  7 of the reports were theft (2 grand theft auto), 2 cases of assault with deadly weapon at 1000 Trails.
    • Chris Croisdale noted that he lives in the 1000 Trails area and he has noted an increase in trash and mail theft.  Mr. Croisdale asked Dept. Short if 1000 Trails is putting up parolees on a temporary basis.  Dept. Short that there is no difference in the number of parolees in in the area.  It was noted that there are at least two pedophiles staying at 1000 Trails.
    • Mr. Croisdale also noted that there is what apprears to be an RV graveyard at 1000 Trails.  This looks really unsightly.
    • The 1000 Trails CUP was discussed and noted that it EXPIRED 9 years ago. LA County Regional Planning has issued a Notice of Violation (NOV) for extended stays at the campground.
    • New Manager at 1000 Trails – Dept. Short said that 1000 Trails is asking for a CUP which does not expire.  Dept. Short also said that the new owner is allowing people to “buy” sites.  It was also said that the new manager is allowing “workers” to stay for a fee and that there is a limit to “3” Workers.
    • Dept. Short said that mail thefts MUST be reported to the Sheriff Dept. as well as the US Post Office. Mail thefts were noted on Soledad, Santiago, and Bootlegger.  Dept. Short suggested that residents get a P.O. Box.
    • Gilespie and Soledad Property (Acton Lake) – it was noted that the storage is unkept and fences unsightly.   Is there a CUP for this property?
    • hydro mulching work in forest area.
    • Ayer submitted a letter regarding the red FAA lights to SCE. She could find no manufacturer of the 810/864 lights which are omnidirectional.  She is questioning the type and manufacturer of the red FAA on the new TRTP towers. Mr. Ian Forest responded to Jacki and said that he would send a letter to the TRTP team.
  9. LIBRARY REPORT: Valerie Bailey – No report
  10. UPDATE ON 501c3/ c4 – Progress and comments:
    • Chris Croisdale contacted Mr. Travilian one more time and has not been able to speak with him at length about the formation of the 501c3.
    • Chris Croisdale spoke to Atty. Randall Fink. Mr. Fink offered to form the 501 c4 for $1400 with no up front fee.  Mr. Fink said that he needed a single point of contact with the Acton Town Council.  Michael Hughes volunteered. Pam Wolter made a motion for Michael Hughes to be the single point of contact for the 501 c4 formation with Attorney Randall Fink.  Thor Merich seconded the motion. There were no comments.  A vote was taken and it was unanimously decided to have  Michael Hughes be the single point of contact for the ATC 501 c4 formation with Attorney Randall Fink.
    • No response from Farmer’s Insurance.
    • Pam Wolter will contact the Hanford group and get a name of an insurance representative.
    •  Planning and Coordinating, Trails & Open Space, Recreation Committee: (J. Ayer)
      • 13130 Soledad Road – needs a review. the property is being used for recreational vehicle parking.  There will be a review on 3/17/2015.
      • Regional Planning Hearing Agenda – the Renewable Energy Ordinance for Utility Scale projects is up for review.  Acton is in a CREZ zone.  It is an ideal location for Utility Scale solar projects. Although, Utility Scale solar sized projects are not allowed in SEA’s. It was noted that 1/3 of Acton land lies within an SEA.
    • High Speed Rail – Pam Wolter
      • Ms. Wolter reported on the attendance of 4 Acton Town Council members, and several Acton residents at the 1/24/15 Hanford High Speed Rail Meeting. The meeting was an informational meeting to update the community on the upcoming Tos/Fakuda / Kings County Proposition 1A Lawsuit coming up in the Spring.  Attorney Michael Brady and several other speakers gave the update.  Hanford is asking for financial support.  Pam Wolter announced that the Acton Agua Dulce Coalition will be having a Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser on 3/14/2015. There will be raffles and music.
      • Pam Wolter announced that the Coalition has a Facebook page now too.
      • It was announced that Jacki Ayer and Chris Croisdale will be going to Caifornia High Speed Rail offices in downtown Los Angeles at 10:00 a.m. on 2/3/2015 to meet with High Speed Rail engineers.  It was noted that Jacki Ayer will be going as a resident and Chris Croisdale will be going as an Acton Town Council observer.
      • Acton Town Council official position on the High Speed Rail – “Keep it Out of Acton”, if it runs through Acton, Keep it underground.
      • Kathy Hamilton from the San Francisco Examiner – wrote an article about the destruction of 9 acres of an endangered habitat for kit foxes in the Fresno area by Tudor P when they graded an area for equipment storage.
      • Coalition Meetings at the Library planned for 2/9/2015 and  3/9/2015.
      • CHSRA – Permit to Enter (PTE) letter discussed.  Residents encouraged to refuse entry and to send a letter to CHSRA with return receipt.
    • Publicity and Association of Rural Town Councils Committee – co-chaired by Tom Costan and Ray Billet
      • The need for consistent use of the atc@actontowncouncil.org e-mail was discussed. Also, Bios from everyone on the ATC is requested.
      • ATC Website- Tom Costan will conduct a demonstration of the ATC website at the 3/2/2015 meeting. There will be a Google Calendar. Agenda will be posted. The minutes are posted.
      • 1/28/2015 – Association of Rural Town Council meeting planned. A letter to Assemblyman Tom Lackey regarding needed legislation to stop placement of sexually violent predators in the unincorporated communities.
      • It was discussed to establish a Statewide council of Rural Councils. Nevada is doing this and California may use their template.
    • Finance Ways and Means Committee – Thor Merich
      • The Acton Calendar was brought up.  Businesses could advertise in the calendar. A fundraiser is being planned. Downloading of monthly ATC bank statements is needed.
    • By-Laws Committee and Standards of Decorum – Michael Hughes
      • Mr. Hughes met with the Standards of Decorum subcommittee – Sandy Madsen and Kelly Teno.  They are creating a draft which will be commented on by the residents.
    • Utilities Committee – Christopher Croisdale
      • No report.
    • Community Standards  – Michael Hughes
      • M. Hughes is holding the first meeting on 2/23/2015 at the Acton Agua Dulce Libarary from 7-9 p.m. There will be two LA County Regional Planning representatives at the meeting. Carl Nadella will attend.
    • Beautification, Illegal Dumping, and Perspective Committee– Katherine Tucker.
      • Another photo provided from the community on signs along Sierra Highway.  The photo provided to Dan Geringer, Regional Planning zone enforcement for evaluation.
    • Emergency Response and Disaster Planning – Michael Hughes
      • Attended a 1/22/2015 meeting at the Library regarding setting up an Medical emergency response team.
    • Public Works Committee: C. Croisdale
      • no report
    • Community Center Liaison
      • 3/14/2015 – Spaghetti dinner fund raiser
      • Rhea is setting up an Animal Event at the Community Center
      • 4/18/2015 – “A Little Night Music” – showcases the talent in Acton!
    • Chamber of Commerce Liaison – Pam Wolter
      • no meeting in January
    • School Board Liaison – Lilian Smith
      • Lillian Smith reported that declining enrollment in the district is an issue.
      • Lillian Smith toured the high school construction site which included the Culinary Arts / Band Room.
    • Friends of Acton Park Liaison – TBD
    • The Women’s Club –Pam Wolter – The Women’s Club meets the first Wednesday of every month in Hedge
    • Acton Agua Dulce Arts Council – Sandy Madsen announced that there will be a Young People’s Arts show from 3/14 – 3/20/2015 at the Acton Agua Dulce Library.  With the guidance of the Arts Council, four teenagers are chairing the show and the theme is “Super Heros in My Life”. Artists aged 5 – 18 years can enter work in the show.
    • The Boy Scouts of America – J. Ayer – No report.
    • The Girl Scouts of America – TBD
    • Open Acton Town Council position – Tom Costan suggested that each Councilmember contact four people bring in a potential Council member.
    • Proposed Yard Sale Ordinance – It was noted that community groups might need exemptions.  Lillian Smith said that there were already are laws on the books to control the numbers of yard sales.  The Acton Town Council will review the proposed Ordinance and discuss at the 3/2/2015 ATC meeting.
    • Flood Control – Enhanced Watershed Management Project (PEIR) mentioned.  See www.lacoh20sheds.com  Important for community to provide comments.
  16. OPEN FORUM: None
    • ADJOURNMENT: 10:03 p.m.

      Next Regular Meeting, March 2, 2015 @ Acton Agua Dulce Library at 7:30 p.m.


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